Thursday, May 14, 2015

Old Navy Haul


I completed yet another semester of college, finally! This semester was weird; at times I felt like it was flying by yet at others time I thought I would never reach the end. These past couple months were stressful and challenging but I also had fun and learned a lot about myself. I'm so glad that I get a break from school and I'm ready to enjoy this summer. I get to work on my creative projects, hang with my besties, go on a road trip to Chicago with one of my besties, and work more.

I recently went on a little shopping trip to Old Navy to update my wardrobe for the summer as well as have a couple new things to wear on my trip to Chicago.

One of the things I purchased from Old Navy was this short sleeved black and white shirt. It's nothing fancy but I think you can never have enough basic pieces in your wardrobe. There are endless possibilities with this shirt! It can be dressed up or dressed down and can transition nicely through each season. 

The second item I purchased from Old Navy was this sleeveless soft pink floral blouse. I was very lucky to find this cute top on clearance, it was a steal! This blouse is too cute, it has a soft, feminine feel to it. The fabric of this blouse is thin and lightweight so it's perfect for the warmer months.

Of course I couldn't walk out of the store without buying a skirt or dress. There weren't many of them that caught my eye except for this black and white patterned maxi skirt. One of the issues I sometimes have with maxi skirts and dresses is that they can be just a bit too long but the length of this is perfect! I adore maxi skirts and dresses, they're so much fun to wear. I'm definitely thinking about wearing this when I'm in Chicago.

One of the main reasons I actually went to Old Navy was because I needed some more pants. I have lots of tops but it always seems like I don't have enough bottoms. I love these orange-red cuffed ankle pants. The fun color screams summer to me and I'm so excited to wear them. 

Jogger pants were a trend that really had to grow on me. Slowly I came to adore them but was hesitant to buy myself a pair because I thought they would look ridiculous on me. There was a ton of cute jogger pants at Old Navy in varying colors and prints. I decided to stick with a pair of black joggers. I haven't gotten a chance to wear them out yet but I have tried them on and I actually really like them! They're so soft and comfy to wear, it almost feels like you're not wearing pants. I have a ton of ideas on how to style them and I already want to get another pair soon.

The last two things I purchased from Old Navy were flip-flops. I bought a pair of hot pink flip-flops and ta pair of tan flip-flops with white straps. Flip-flops are a must for me in the summertime! It's so easy to just slip them on and go plus I think they're super comfy.

This concludes this little haul. I'm so excited to see what this summer holds and am determined to cross a little goals off of my checklist this summer. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and I hope you all have a wonderful day. :) 

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